OPINION: Joey is Delusional

Joey hits one of his many HR for Bootleggers

Joey talking about hitting .900, as he was talking about after the game last night, is like Elon Musk hitting Mars in 2024.  First off, it just ain’t gonna happen.  Secondly, he would need to go 18 for 18 to get within a hit to be at that level. 

Let me be absolutely clear, this dude is having a great season; potentially the greatest season in the history of Bootleggers is his to fuck up.   He has a serious chance of topping the season mark in average set at .717 by Damon Rohr in 2013 (Currently at .830).  He is within sight of the RBI mark of 69 (which is also a douchebag profiling jersey number) set by Frank in 2011.  He has an outside shot at the season mark in Runs of 54, set by LL in 2012.

But come on, .900?  Might as well be talking about a 100 home run season in MLB, or averaging 100 points a game for a season in the NBA. 

I get it.  On an aside with this reporter, Joey said that throughout his life, his mother’s only dream for him was batting .900 in softball, or at the very least become a d-rec star.  And his mother was in attendance so he had to talk the talk and keep her dreams alive.  Perhaps a certain amount of leniency should be afforded.    

But not on batting .900.  Sometimes you have to draw the line in the sand with such hubris.  might as well be making claims he’d knock on Floyd Mayweather.

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