Kulaski’s Baseball Card Removed from wall; What does it mean?

In the stock market, they’re called leading indicators.  Harbingers of future degradation of performance, perhaps, but something to note for trend identification.  Rarely in the world of Softball do such signals instantly flash signs of pending doom for a player, but when your baseball card is taken down in your de facto clubhouse, fans and team officials alike must take notice.

Earlier this season, Mark Kulaski’s baseball card was displayed proudly at Lakewood Grill following a celebration mixer of team and fans.  It was a crowning achievement for the man who inspired the bonehead player of the year award. 

But these days there are no signs of his legacy anywhere at the clubhouse.  When asked about the changes, Lakewood Grill officials simply shrugged and said, “I don’t know what to tell you. Kulaksi just wasn’t something we thought represented our high-class clientele.”

When asked for comment, Mr. Kulaski claimed ignorance, saying “I have no recollection of what you’re talking about.”  If the coaches’ adage of the aging superstar being the hardest to coach, what does that mean of the challenge of just an aging player?

This seems a troubling time for Mark’s legacy as he staves off relegation to another league.  With new management slipping into championship building form, no one is safe. Mark could be the first casualty if he doesn’t start to perform on the field.  His off the field antics, having been cited as inspiration for Antonio Brown and Jaylen Ramsey, at some point will be too much to ignore.


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