Gitz Wants Records of his own!

Gitz being informed it was HIM that struckout

Much has been made about Joey’s historic season he has been having;  however, overlooked in all the talk is Andrew Gitzendanner’s campaign to put his own name into the recordbooks. 

Strikeouts is not a stat that has been worth keeping over the years.  Generally you will see one or two people notch a K at the plate over the course of season, needing to sulk back to the dugout in embarrassment. 

That walk of shame has been described as worse than being caught naked at Target, and worse than walking home after banging the fat chick the previous night.  (FULL DISCLOSURE:  this is not Fat Shaming…fat shaming would be not banging her because she was fat.)  And this author knows from experience for comparison. 

But 2019 has found us at the height of the trump era.  Shit is just different these days and strikeouts in softball, once just a rare anomaly, are on the rise if you study the Bootleggers and, specifically, the man affectionately known as Gitz. 

When Luna notched his own second K of the year, Gitz needed to step it up. “I mean, come on,” Gitz said, “I do all I can to lead in a category, i’m going to put this shit out of reach.”

One strikeout, two strikeouts, three strikeouts four.  Seemingly every week the guy finds a different way to look foolish at the plate.  For a player batting .643, it should be hard to look as bad as he does, but he finds a way. 

“Personally, it’s great.”  LL said when asked about it.  “He’s helped the team forget about my 0-9 start to the season. He’s made EVERYONE look good on this team just be being around.”

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Without historical records to compare, we can only assume and speculate that no one has ever struck out more in softball in one season that Andrew Gitzendanner. 

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