Book Recommendations, August 2017

So recently an exec at a large company we all know well asked me for book recommendations….then asked for more…so here’s a list!  I’ll try to do it regularly

Wind Up Bird Chronicles, Haruki Murakami

Fantastical, amazing and without the constraints and expectations of western literature structure, Murakami’s greatest work defies description.  This story, even after reading it, I had a hard time explaining anything but the joy of reading it.   And i’m fine with that.  Suspend your expectations of the physical and lose yourself mentally to the pleasure of the world of Murakami.  Other Books:  1Q84 and Kafka By the Shore.  Norwegian Wood.

Leviathan Wakes, by James Corey

Remarkable imagination and dramatic story line in the not so distant future, Corey paints a bleaker, some may say more realistic than other science fiction, picture of human nature as we move out into the solar system.  Fascinating discoveries start this first of a 6 part series.  Easy quick and though provoking reading.  This book series has been made into a cable series, it does it justice.

Power of the Dog:  Don Winslow

Love the romantic nature of Cartel living?  Want to understand the sheer vastness of the illegal drug industry?  Power of the Dog, based loosely on El Chapo, is part 1 of a 2 part volume on the Mexican Cartel.  Don Winslow is a great writer and his depth of research paints a great picture that enlightens as much as entertains.  If you get power of the dog, budget time and money for The Cartel, the second book to consume as quickly as the first.  (ridley scott will be making the latter into a movie.)

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