Trump : King of the Chat Room

1/20/2017  So here we are, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of our United States.  I wish him well, and hope he does “Make America great again.”

This is the world we live in.  For better or worse, Social Media has consumed us.  Conformed us to what our future will be.  In giving a voice to every man, woman, robot and corporation, the tsunami of opinion has been remarkable.  As a whole remarkably complex, but individually remarkably petty.  That pettiness threatens to consume the whole in a way I can not explain in terms you would understand.  (that is on me, not you)

Our world has evolved into one large chat room, where thoughts branch from origination so randomly you forget where you started.  Tune in for one subject and it is another altogether.  Fiercely personal arguments break out for inexplicable reasons, and in its ubiquity social media brings all this to the world.

For those who may have never used a chat room, they were essentially Twitter or Facebook condensed to a few people sharing interest on particular subjects.  Like group text.

Back then, it was easy to move on; when chat rooms were voluntary.  You simply close the window and move to another chat room.  Or not at all.  At some point, you stop tuning in to the crap, close it up and find something else.

Trump has embraced this new world and become king of the chat room.  You know the guy.  The loudest mother fucker, obviously with the biggest dick and bangs all the hot chicks.  Using an abrasive personality, he will proclaim mastery of every subject and is not afraid to put you in your place when you challenge his reign.

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With Trump’s ascension to the throne of this chat room you can’t just close the window. He has moved on to the White House and we have no choice but to watch. We must listen to this garbage, mixed with some wisdomicity (trump’s influence on me), and trust that our system was designed to withstand even the worst of his critics prognostications.  The collective interest of the whole, so they* say, will trump the one. (*They being me)

He embraces the social media notion that if you don’t talk about yourself no one will ever know.  He reacts instantly and viciously to any perceived slight and has moved the ‘wear emotions on your sleeve’ mantra to twitter.

Trump stokes our outrage, and our attention span craves his daily twitter feed more than actual news. In fact, his twitter feed is now probably the top news source, but keep blaming HIM for branding. Everything he says or does is greeted with the same retaliatory rhetoric, all dependent upon whether you are for or against.

Is it Trump?  Or is it our own need to stick it to the people that don’t agree with how we see it?  We blame Trump as we shout our opinions over everyone who disagrees.  The United States, and the world, hangs upon his every word on twitter and we can’t get enough of it.  He can’t either, it’s a mutual need.

“Protests” against Trump Inaguration, if you don’t post  it does it still happen? Via Twitter

The outrage has been ferocious, uniting in a cause to be outraged.  It offends to not be outraged.  I would say faux outrage, as some middlers (another name I’m making up referring to those who stay out of the fray) tend to refer to it, but that would be wrong.  It is real outrage, some justified and most stoked by a spurned media unable to see their own demise.

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Since the election, desperation and outrage has grown with each step closer, culminating with one of our largest media organizations running nothing more than a cheap, tabloid smear piece on him. CNN is technically correct in their defense, but they fail to grasp the larger issue of their choice:  How is taking someone else’s post and slapping your own inflammatory headline on it any different than Joe the Plumber propagating Occupy Democrat? Or some ‘deplorable’ sharing Breitbart?

Despite all this outrage, faux or not, we can all generally agree we are not proud to put Donald Trump up there as American #1.  But he is.  Inaction and complacency has put him there.

In this real world chat room fear is a commodity to be promoted.   Providing instant response, likes, clicks or whatever you are into these days.  If we are to believe ourselves, Hitler is Trump’s idol and Stalin his goal.  The Russians control him and every administration pick made under the auspice of him wondering, “Who is the worst possible choice for this position?”

For reasons maybe Thomas Hobbes or Immanuel Kant could explain, we WANT to believe these things; the most evil of our past has come to atone for our guilt.  Alternately, I subscribe to the theory, maybe the only person to ever say this, but predicting the next Hitler would be like predicting the next market crash.  If everyone is talking about it…..

And that’s my take…. LL

P.S.  Where is the outrage at the 50% that didn’t vote?

**Pictures ‘borrowed’, if i made up words that already exist, then i probably read it somewhere. Otherwise, i get credit in Webster’s.

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